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About Vintage Potential

Vintage Potential was birthed fro​m an addiction to yard saling. Those of you, who have followed me online, are already well aware that I am a "vintageaholic." A piece of furniture with character and a history will always have a better appeal to me. An old camera that has captured a lifetime of memories and a set of dishes that have been passed down from generation to generation will always mean so much more. I began to share my personal vintage treasures that I picked up from my Saturday morning adventures and started to offer some items for sale. It was then that the foundation for a business was laid.

You never know what I may come across in my vintage pickin' adventures. Do you have an item you have been searching for? Make sure you send in your Vintage Potential requests through the contact page. It is absolutely no cost to let me know what you want. I'll do the yard sale, flea market, and auction hopping for you! And there is no obligation to buy. It's a win, win! Please consistently check Facebook and Instagram for new items posted daily.

Vintage Potential gained a storefront in Smithfield, Virginia at 215 Main Street on October 25, 2014. I am so happy that you now have the option of purchasing online and in the store! Vintage Potential is open Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. You can come and shop for your vintage treasures from 11 am to 5 pm.

As a professional bargain queen, I understand the need for great prices! I want to show you the greater potential that items from the past can bring to your present day and future design. Let me introduce myself as your personal vintage picker! My mission is to supply you with vintage mementos for your interior design, personal project, and ​nostalgic needs. ~ Jessica Casper